BOADAS 1.880 S.A., has received a grant for its energy saving and efficiency project IMPLEMENTATION OF A NEW HIGH EFFICIENCY BRAIDING SYSTEM FOR BOZALES, through the NATIONAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY FUND and managed by the INSTITUTE OF DIVERSIFICATION AND ENERGY SAVING (IDAE), aid co-financed by the European Union through the ERDF Operational Program for Sustainable Growth2014-2020. An energy saving and efficiency project has been drawn up consisting of replacing the current slicer and thermoformer with new high energy efficiency equipment. The new system will incorporate a robot that will be in charge of loading the sliced ​​product into the thermoformer. The collaboration of the best equipment manufacturers in the sector has been required, which will provide us with great energy and environmental savings in the process, achieving an estimated savings of 42.76 tep/year.