Since 18800

Since Boadas was founded in 1880, its history has been linked to that of high-end Spanish Charcuterie.

Its beginnings trace back to a small workshop in Girona, where the owner, Pedro Boadas Vilaplana, made and cured hams together with his wife and children.

The family grew and the prestige of their hams and charcuterie enabled them to progress and become a pioneer in their field: at the beginning of the 20th century they had a slaughterhouse, veterinarian and their own cold storage; something unusual in 1908.

Five generations later, the Boadas family remains loyal to their origins, perpetuating traditional recipes passed down from parents to children, in order to preserve the traditional production of their serrano ham and noble cuts, obtaining outstanding taste, aroma and texture.

Our story is told in every slice of our BOADAS1880 ham.


Our centres

We have three production plants segmented by manufacturing processes in order to guarantee maximum quality, traceability and food safety:

SALAMANCA: production and curing of hams and shoulders

GIRONA: deboning and slicing of hams and shoulders

Human quality

Boadas 1880 is a family business made up of a team of 200 people who constitute one of the company’s most valuable assets, thanks to their vocation and identification with the values that define us: quality and integrity.

The median tenure of almost 20 years of our company’s staff reflects the strong connection between career paths, experience and commitment.

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